Can i upgrade Cubase 8 to 8.5 yet?

I have someone interested in buying my Cubase Pro 8.

I have more licenses in my dongle and i know that i must transfer my other licenses for another usb dongle before selling the Cubase 8 with it’s dongle.

The question is… can the buyer upgrade it to 8.5? I didn’t see that option in the Shop menu in the Steinberg site.
Thanks in advance!

The update now available is to Cubase 9…It is not possible to buy updates to anything other than the current version from Steinberg.

Make sure to follow the resale wizard to make sure the new owner will be able to register it to their own account.


It’s worth to mention, with Cubase 9 license, you can start relevant Cubase 8.5 too (Cubase 9 Pro > Cubase 8.5 Pro; Cubase 9 Artist > Cubase 8.5 Artist…). If you want to upgrade to 8.5 version because this is the last 32-bit Cubase, for example, this is an option.