Can I upgrade my Cubase Elements AI 7 to Cubase 7 full?


I have the Elements AI 7 version of Cubase, and I wanna know if can I upgrade it to the full version of Cubase 7. And how much it will cost?


look here…Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg

Hi matjones!
Thanks for your reply, but I already saw this page. I wanna know if there is a way I can upgrade to Cubase 7, not Cubase 8 :frowning:


The license for 8 will allow you to run previous versions too, so that way you can install C7 and use it. Or, try and find a music (web)shop that still has a physical copy of C7 for sale.

…Or possibly contact support to see if they could hook you up?

hmm I got it, thanks! :slight_smile: