Can I upgrade to 12 pro from 11 without using the download assistant?

I see the cubase sale is on so going to pull the trigger on the update. I have all the installers, including for the activation manager. can I process the upgrade without using the download manager? can I install cubase and the activation manager, then enter the activation code in the activation manager? is the code I get on purchase suitable for that? or can I only get the correct code for the activation manager by using the download manager?


You can activate Cubase 12 from your MySteinberg, but it’s strongly recommended to use the Steinberg Download Assistant unless you’re having issues with it. It automatically installs the latest versions of all required software (such as the Steinberg Activation Manager) if any updates are available when you run it.

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thanks for the info.

so if I enter the redeem access code in my steinberg, will it issue an activation code for use with the activation manager? presumably when I do that the activation manager will check my dongle for the cubase 11 pro?