Can I upgrade to Cubase Artist 11 without a USB?

I purchased an upgrade directly from the Steinberg site. Moving from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 11.

When I purchased elements 11, it was installed directly to my computer with a soft e-license. When I put the activation code in for artist 11… I am told that the product I purchased only works with a USB e-licenser.

Do I really have to buy a USB Dongle to use the software I bought ? Or is their another way to upgrade my software e-license ?? So frustrated … Paying for dongle sucks … why do I have to buy hardware to install software ?. Worse my laptop only has 2 USB slots, which I use to feed music IN. No space for a dongle :frowning:

Any ideas ??

Yes you need a dongle for sure. V12 will be the first dongle free Cubase.

You really should of checked to see if upgrading would of been right for you before taking the jump , we all have bought dongles , it’s no hardship , just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s bad , 20 years people have been using the dongle , flying round the world and so on with no hassle but if you want to use Steinbergs software without a dongle you’ll have to wait and update when the new (you only own a licence for the max of one year without connecting to the internet on one device ) licence systems up and running .
It comes down to research ,research ,research


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