Can I upgrade to Halion 6 full from cubase pro?

I am a little confused about halion. I have cubase pro 12. I saw that the upgrade price for halion 6 full edition is 99 dollars if you have halion 6 se. Do I have that? Or do I have to pay the full price?


No it is from Halion Sonic not SE.

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There’s not such product as HALion 6 SE - You have HALion Sonic 3 SE with Cubase, and sadly there’s no upgrade path from that.

HALion hierarchy:-

HALion 6
Top product, enables you to create your own sound libraries

HALion Sonic 3
Second tier product, has the same content and sounds AS HALion 6, main difference is that you can’t create your own libraries.

HALion Sonic 3 SE - Free/Included product
Third tier, has a cut down library vs full HALion Sonic 3.

There’s also Absolute collection which includes HALion 6, plus additional sound sets, instruments and other plugins. If you go HALion 6, you may as well go with Absolute if you want the sounds - if its too expensive there are deals occasionally which brings the price down considerably.

With Absolute I see there’s also a crossgrade option from Retrologue/Padshop - which comes with Cubase, So i presume that would be a valid path, I can’t see any information that confirms that however.

HALion Sonic/6 are bound to the old licensing right now, so expect some changes in the near future, also. They must be highlighted as products to move across, or potentially HALion 7 could be around the corner.


Regarding upgrading from retrologue and padshop, I would not think so unlees you own the separate product. Before they were included in Cubase they were standalone buys.

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That’s kind of my thinking, but as part of your Cubase license you do own both those items - there needs to be some clarification really as it could be the best method for Cubase users to jump in to the full HALion experience.

Seeing as Retrologue and Padshop are also items in the Absolute collection, you’re technically paying for items you already own so it would make sense for there to be some kind of discount.

Can anyone confirm?! @Matthias_Quellmann perhaps?

I am 99.9% sure as there was quit an uproar when both became free, from people who owned cubase and the synths and then got them double so to speak.
But there is simply nothing on the elicencer you can upgrade. You always loose the old licence.
And the question was ask3ed then too.
Not that it would not be nice, but they would then call it a discount for cubase owners, right?

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