Can I use 2 interfaces?

Have Motu 24I/O and just got Steinberg’s 8 pre MR816 (Motu has no preamps) Is there a way that I can use both ASIOs? Right now it’s one or the other.

Mac pro

No, you cannot use both at the same time.

ASIO4All may be a solution.

Probably not on a Mac pro -> Aggregated Device…

Mac :imp:

Oh well- thanks!

Yes, Aggrigate Devise is built into the system. Evel indeed.

Try setting up an Aggrigatd Device in Audio/midi setup. This should work. The problem will be to monitor the two interfaces simultaneously in CueMix…

Or maybe setting upan aggregated device would help…

On Mac, yes…PC, no! You can try Asio4All…with resevations! Meaning, sometime it works and other times, no!

I really wish that someone would create this for PC…I really do!


I don’t think so. I would recommend Aggregated Device, instead.

Might work, but probably only on Mac. If not on Mac, ASIO4all might work, but I think this is about Mac, could be PC though, but I don´t think… :mrgreen: