Can I use a tablet through wireless LAN to control Nuendo transport?

Is there a way to use an Android wireless tablet to control the transport (punch in, rewind, etc) of Nuendo running on a PC hooked into the LAN?

This is possible with various apps. Search for Mackie emulation or try Lemur and load the excellent Cubase template.

Don’t forget about TouchOSC )

I’ve checked and TouchOSC is $5, and Lemur is $25. Is Lemur a lot better? Does the Cubase template in Lemur work fine with Nuendo 8 as is? (that would be worth the extra just to have plug and play instead of having to design a lot). Thanks for the recommendations!

It depends on your needs if Lemur better than TouchOSC or backwards. As for me Lemur much-much better cause it supports scripting (programming). You can take a madebysomeone template or make it by yourself of any complexity or even change that template. I’ve made a template for my most needed things in Nuendo to be remoted - Vstmultipanner and EQ. As well transport with markers, locators, undo-redo, track navigation and so on. In some cases it turned out the very useful thing.

You can use Metagrid too.

Touch Daw (around $6) uses Mackie control and works really nice. correct me if I’m wrong but I think originally designed by SB

Settled on Touch OSC using TouchOSC Bridge. Have transport functions active in Nuendo. Only issue… I want to use a MIDI keyboard for playing parts, but use sliders on the tablet for sending MIDI CC. Right now, if I set the MIDI input to the track to “All MIDI Inputs”, the TouchOSC CC data is not received. If I make a second MIDI track and set that to “TouchOSC Bridge” for MIDI input it is recorded.

So I can have 2 MIDI tracks, one for the keyboard, and one to receive slider CC data from the tablet, but it would be nice to have both go to the same track. Anyone get this, using TouchOSC Bridge, to work on one MIDI track set to All MIDI Inputs with a tablet for CC and a MIDI keyboard?

In Srudio make sure the TouchDaw tablet is checked for “Include in All MIDI In.”"

Yes, that was it. Thanks. I decided to spend more time with Touch DAW and use Mackie control for the transport and then use another controller with sliders for the CC data. There is a lot of prebuilt functionality and a nice screen layout with Touch DAW that’s ready to go.