Can I use a TP at the same time as my main control surface?

I use Nuendo5.5.3 and a SmartAV Tango as my main control surface.

Is it possible use the CMC-TP transport control at the same time as the Tango from, say, a vocal booth or behind a drum kit without having to switch between the two controllers - so that I can move between them and simply use the one I happen to be closest to?

I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t. You can map knobs/buttons of multiple devices to a particular parameter within Cubase no problem.

The only problematic scenario I could think of is if you’re in a situation where the parameter changes withing Cubase, are not transmitted to the midi device. Like for instance a non-motorized fader.

You would change a paramater -say the volume of a given channel- on device A, but device B (which doesn’t have motorized faders) doesn’t receive this value change, so when you move the fader on device B, the parameter in Cubase will jump to the value you set with Device B (by moving the fader).

So as long as your devices don’t just send, but also receive parameter values, you’re fine.

I’m just going to be controlling the transport (start, stop, goto start etc) so volume changes will not be a problem.


I’ve had mine working along side my Euphonix no problem :slight_smile: