Can I use and earlier version of cubase?

I Recently upgraded my Cubase LE4 to Cubase 6.5 (moved the le4 license to the usb elicenser then upgraded the license)

I now realise that the computer in my drum room that i intend to use to capture midi data from edrums is an xp system and is not supposed to be compatible with C6.5 so i am wondering if i can go back and install LE4 on the XP computer and use the USB elicenser that now has an upgraded to 6.5 license to run the earlier version?

Should be fine I think.

I think so.

I also did an LE4 upgrade (well - the latest upgrade offer was tempting enough for me), and installed Cubase Artist 6.5 alongside the “old” LE4 install.

After upgrading the license in the usb elicenser I found out I can start Cubase Artist 6.5 or Cubase LE4 at will. LE4 is running without any problem.

So I think it will not be a problem to use your Cubase LE4. Keep in mind you have to install the latest updates (most times the LE4 you get with interfaces are not really up-to-date) and make sure to use the latest elicense software.

im still on xp works well ere with 6.5.0. they dont say it is incompatible ,its just that it aint supported by steinberg , only meaning if you run into problems while on xp they wont help you or be held accountable for any fuck ups ,they will of course still sell you cubase while you are using xp, they do cater for the stupid . if you are not a pro studio i wouldn`t worry.

Thanks everyone.

Firestamper, thats good to know(6.5 wrks on XP). I did not want to go through the hassle and muck up my old pc without knowing it would work. (some would just say try it and find out, but the old system is rock solid stability wise with the stuff i have on it now, and sometimes bad instalations of incompatible software can ruin all that.) Thanks again.

UPDATE! (On the old Win XP system)the installer for Cubase 6.5 gave me message that an error had occured. Some mumbo jumbo about a string could not equal zero. It gave me the option to continue so i did and it seemed to start the install then hung up (seemed to anyway for over 5 min) finally i forced the program to end and restarted the computer. turnes out it had been writing a bunch of empty temp directorys all over my hard drive root directorys. (only on ntfs drives, the one fat drive i had was not affected.
so I just deleted all the temp folders. I’m afraid to try again so i guess I will just use 4LE on that system. Just using it when capturing midi from Edrums anyhow. mainly wanted to put 6.5 on there for the compatibility of project file from main production computer. can always mix to wave and take that into a project on 4le, then record drum part and export midi file back to main system. just extra steps i wanted to avoid. anyone with suggestions still welcome.

You may need to update the Microsoft .NET Framework to 3.5 Service Pack 1 for C6.x to run on an XP system

I checked and I had it installed already. So tried the install again and this time when windows asked me who I would like to be able to use this program i unchecked the box about protecting your computer and it actually ran the install, then cubase failed to install but everything else (Monolog, Hallion Sonic Se, etc) completed install as though all was well. still no Cubase 6.5 installed tho.

So, then I just opened the directory on the installation dvd and ran the installer for cubase(bypassing the startcenter) and it installed cubase 6.5 and updated all the other stuff and all seems well now. well, atleast i was able to load a project from 4LE and it played it. So maybe XP users just need to skip the autoplay (startcenter) and run the setup.exe for cubase under /cubase 6 for windows directory. at least thats what i would do if i had a chance to do it all over again.

Thanks for the help

thats the rocknroll way to start it up , a true xp user. glad you got it going eventually, i think the trick with xp now is ,once you find it is working well and you have tried out all your various plugins and wot not and everything works ,is … take it offline and dont let anything update ,my daw pc has been offline for about 6 month now and it runs great ,and im sure its happy in its own little 6 months ago world. :stuck_out_tongue: