Can I use Artist before my USB-eLicenser arrives?

Hi, all,

Quick question: just bought the upgrade from Elements 9 to Artist 10, and my USB-eLicenser is on its way. I can’t use it until it arrives, can I? I’m worried I’ll install the upgrade, then lose access to my Elements install and be locked out until the dongle gets here. Am I right in assuming this? Should I hold off until it’s here?

Thanks in advance!

I realize this post is more than a year old, but thought I would leave the answer I got from their chat support - no, there is no way to use the software until the USB-eLicenser arrives. If they can give a 30-day trial of Elements (and if nearly every other software vendor can do similarly), you’d think they’d be able to have a temp license for Artist and Pro as well, but alas … no.

@portolyan, can I ask how long you had to wait to receive yours?

Im waiting a month and a half for my usb liscenser