Can I use C8 Pro if I upgrade from C8 Artist to C13 Pro?

Topic name pretty much sums it up. My worry is that when I upgrade to Cubase 13 Pro, that my old versions of Cubase will still be stuck at Artist edition.


You should see Cubase 11 Pro (not upgradeable) license at your USB-eLicenser. With this licence, you can start Cubase Pro 8.


Hey, I’m glad you replied - that sounds awesome! So, that means that once I upgrade to the highest version of Cubase Pro (today would be Cubase 13 Pro), that means that I automatically get access to every older version of Cubase as PRO editions, retroactively?

And what exactly do they mean by “not upgradeable” (regarding Cubase 11 Pro license)? I’m assuming, it has something to do with Cubase 12 switching to a new, non-dongle-license?

It means that you can’t use the C11 Pro license to upgrade a second time to C13.


Alright, thanks. So, I guess I just hope that there will be a sale soon so I can get a discount on my upgrade. Merry Xmas!

Edit: thanks to both of you