Can I use Cubase 13 new plugs in Cubase 12?

I’ve bought the upgrade for Cubase 13 but I’m not able to use it on my laptop due to graphics problems that make working virtually impossible.
I’d like to use the new C13 plugs in C12?
How can this be done?

I haven’t tried this. But I assume if you go into the Plug-in Manager in 12 it should have found the new Plug-ins when it did its scan. Then just drag the plug-in into a Collection.

Basically exactly what you would do with any newly purchased plug-in. Probably need to have a C13 license activated on the laptop.

Some, but not all, of the graphics issues have been addressed in Cubase 13.0.20 so you might check to see if that can work for you.


You definitely need Cubase 13 license in this case.

You would need to move the plug-in set from Cubase 13 to Cubase 12. And you have to be aware, you use it on your own risk. It has never been tested.


Yeah I just looked at C12 and it wasn’t aware of the Vocoder.

It seems that since version 10.5 Cubase will no longer show built-in plugins that beyond its version (also the file structure was changed)
Maybe it now fetches a list to check what are allowed. Just guessing.