can i use cubase/wavelab LE elements 6 on windows 8 64 bit?

I upgraded/bought new cubase LE elements 6 with wavelab couple of years ago and used it on my windows 7, 32 bit, now I’m switching to windows 8 64 bit - Can I just download it and install it in my windows 8? or do I need to upgrade something? if so, where do I download it?

Wow, couldn’t be arssed to even look at at least the first two stickies in the forum before posting. :confused:

thanks but no thanks to your smart comment, I’m still searching where to download my purchased Cubase elements pack 6 which I bought 2 years ago. any help would be appreciated. btw, I just downloaded but it seems it’s just an update, the actual program is nowhere to be found unless I select the buy option again, but somehow it knows I own elements pack and the halion. they COULD make things easier for people

You COULD have saved and made backups of your original installer(s).


Have you sent a support request to Steinberg?

all of the other software that I’ve been using over the last 15 years, it hardly makes sense to save it because by the time you need to reload it, a newer version is already available - same in this case with Cubase, only they are not offering their signed in customer to download the actual program, even though their web site shows me as the owner of Cubase and hellion - they know I own these two programs when I sign in, yet they do not give me an option to download them, only to download updates, or to buy them again. that is the definition of bad treatment of customers.

You just learned, sometimes it makes sense…
Now obviously you have not contacted the Steinberg support…?