Can I use Cubase without the e-licenser plugged?!

Now I got Cubase 8, and I think it is so annoying that if the e-licenser is not plugged, then my cubase does not run because “does not find any serial”.
Is there anything that I can do to have the serial installed in the computer ???
I am scared of braking the USB e-licenser, since I use it a lot and I can not even see in my mac the USB to Safely Remove the USB.

H E L P !


I’m very sorry but Cubase Pro 8 requires a USB eLicenser in order to activate the product and run the program. It is not possible to run the program without the key plugged in. If you absolutely cannot have the dongle plugged in and if this program suits your use, I would recommend looking at Cubase Elements 8 that runs off the soft eLicenser:

Thank you.

When I travel I put my dongle on the end of a USB extension cable and wrap it in padding (ok an old sock :blush: ) to keep it safe. At home it’s on a hub - which can cause problems seeing it, but in my case doesn’t.