Can I use drum maps but still edit with the piano roll by default?

So you know how you can use drum maps but still view it with the piano roll?
Something that looks like that:

I’m looking for a way to set up a drum map but have the track display as a piano roll display (I.e. not diamonds shaped notes, but long rectangles) and open the piano roll by default when double clicking.

What is that good for?

Sometimes you have instruments which are mainly pithched, but some MIDI notes trigger some non-pitch event / command, which is not exactly an “articulation switch” (otherwise I would have used an articulation map)

  1. Scratching / tapping sounds (non-pitched) for a guitar VST
  2. Fret location switch for a guitar VST
  3. Automatic harmony overlays - those are keys you need to hold to add a particular interval to the notes you’re playing. You have to hold those keys (So there aren’t “switches” but actual events) and you can use more than one in the same time. Example for this can be found in “Pedal Steel” by “Impact Soundworks LLC”.

As previously said, expression maps are not always a good solution for that, depends on the usecase.
Do you know of any way I can set it up / an alternative solution to those scenarios?

Preferences/Editors - uncheck “Use Drum Editor when Drum Map is assigned”

Nice! But is there any way to config that manually by track?
I.e. on track A I want the piano roll to be opened by default but on track B I want the Drum Editor to be opened by default.

No, default kinda means default everywhere. But you can setup a Key Command in the Preferences section to toggle this setting on the fly.

Or you could assign different KCs to open the different Editors and open them that way insted of double-clicking.