Can I use Elements to...?

Hi, long-term blog reader and Dorico wannabe here. I can’t afford Dorico 1/2 for the level of usage I have. However Dorico Elements would be affordable, and if it can do the job with its (generous) limitations, then I will buy it excitedly.

Given the 12 instrument limitation, is it still possible to produce reasonable Big Band charts by having two players share parts? i.e. writing the trombone 1 and the trombone 2 lines on the same staff? It’s not as good as one part to a player, but for the difference in price I could live with it, and the way Dorico handles rhythm sections looks perfect. Otherwise it’s back to MuseScore for me (which sucks for rhythm sections).

Yours in hope…

Yes, you could write both trombones on the same staff, but you’ll have extra work to do to produce the parts, I’m afraid, because Dorico (neither Elements nor Pro) cannot produce individual parts from a staff with both instruments written on it in the full score.

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply, I’m happy to tolerate handing out some two-person parts with both lines printed on, e.g.:
Alto 1
Alto 2
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Trumpets 1&2
Trumpets 3&4
Trombones 1&2
Trombones 3&Bass

…is 12 staves. Looks like this is a goer, thanks :smiley: