Can I use Halion Sonic on Two different computers?

I got Halion Sonic with my upgrade to Cubase 6 and love it. I purchased the full version, which I use as a VST instrument in my recordings. I play live for a musical theatre and have been using Kontakt (recently upgraded to 5) and want to add Halion Sonic to my library. I have a rig at home for recording and rig at the theatre for live performance. I purchased a second elicencer dongle thinking that I could register them both and not have to transfer the elicenser from the theatre to home every day. I can’t play them both at the same time as one computer is at the theatre and one is at my home. Any way to do this on both computers?

Your licenses to both Cubase and HALion Sonic that you have on the one eLicenser (dongle) ARE your licenses. You can transfer a license to another eLicenser, but it IS a transfer of the license, not a copy.

So, short answer, you will have to move the license SOMEHOW in order to use HS in both places.

You could put the HALion Sonic license on you second eLicenser (since you have an extra) and leave Cubase on the first, so that you only have to transfer the one.

Thanks for the quick reply. One more try…can I use the sound bank from Halion Sonic with kontakt 5. I don’t need to do much tweeking, just use the instruments.