Can I use HSO standalone in Cubase 6?

I have been reading the forum posts trying to find answers because I have problems with using HSO in Cubase 6 - it appears that others have similar problems, because now HSO is merged with Halion Sonic, but it is still not clear for me - can I use the standalone HSO in Cubase 6 if I buy the full license or is this another marketing catch to make people buy HSO and Halion Sonic Bundle??..

Its a bit confusing but I will try to explain it the way I understand it. First I am assuming you have purchased the license for HSO. Now it depends which HSO license you prurchased.

If you bought the version advertised for use with C5, then it also comes with an OEM version of Halion Player, which allows you to play the C5 HSO sounds stand alone. This can (as I understand it) be used in C6.

If you bought the version advertised for use with C6, the HSO part of the license is identical to the one advertised with C5, but it does not come with a license for the OEM version of Halion Player, nor does C6 come with the Halion Player HSO Sound Set (as it comes with the Sonic HSO Sounds). However if you have the full Halion Player and access to a C5 disk with the sounds, the HSO license will work.

Clear as mud?


Thanks Ron,
I haven’t bought the license yet because I wasn’t sure how it works.
I don’t know if it’s only me, but I don’t see the point in merging HSO player with Halion Sonic, rather than to confuse people and finally make them buy both.
So I guess I have to buy the license for the 16-bit version.
The funny thing is that you can’t find this license where all the permanent licenses for trials are - I found the link to it in another post of the forum!

If anyone has tried using the HSO standalone version in Cubase 6 please let me know if it’s possible!

I made (perhaps incorrectly) the assumption that you were refering to the $99.00 16-bit version. My post above was with respect to that. So the link you found should be to the C5 HSO 16-bit. That should work in C6 though I don’t have C6 so I cannot verify. And according to Steinberg, the license is good for the sonic version included with C6 (also 16-bits).


You don’t have to buy Halion Sonic, the HSO sounds will work with the Halion Sonic SE that is included with Cubase 6.

The advantage of this is the Halion Sonic versions are using the new Halion 4 engine.

That is my understanding anyway.

Ok, I bought the 16-bit HSO license and it doesn’t work as standalone in Cubase 6.
I can find it in Sonic SE/Sonic though, which is ok, but unfortunately I can’t open projects that have been composed in Cubase 5 with HSO… I mean it opens the project but says that it can’t find the instruments and of course there’s no sound.

Have you still got the stand alone plugin installed on your system?

Yes, I do.
It works fine in Cubase 5, but in Cubase 6 it doesn’t even appear in the list of VST instruments.

Sounds like you don’t have the VST path setup in C6.


I mean I can find the HSO instruments inside Halion Sonic, but when I want to create a new instrument track I don’t have the “Halion Symphonic Orchestra” option.
How do I setup the VST path you’re talking about?

I don’t own C6, but in C5 its Devices->Plug-in Information. Then click VST 2.x Plug-in Paths. Then add the location of the plugin dll (or an upper level folder if you are adding more than just it).

After I update the paths, I usually quit out of C5 then re0open it, as I haven’t had much luck with the update buttons.


Also, are you using 32-bit version or 64-bit version of C6 (I’m betting 64-bit). There is an update for 64-bit ssupport.

There are downloads for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (I am assuming your using windows)

Then make sure your path is pointing to the 64-bit version if you are indeed running C6-64bit


Sorry for my late reply - I just wanted to let you know that IT WORKS! I can use now the standalone HSO in Cubase 6 and open my older pieces where HSO was used! Thank you!

I am using the 32-bit version and I’m working on a Mac :slight_smile:

Thank you again!