Can I use IC Pro to mix?

I’m nearly finished mixing an album in Cubase Artist 8.5 on my PC. However, due to a slipped disc in my back I can no longer sit for long periods of time, making it tricky to finish my work, so I’m looking for an app that allows me to continue mixing from my bed :smiley: . Could I use Cubase IC Pro for this? The focus in this app seems to be on recording. Cubasis on the other hand seems to be compatible with but offers no real-time interaction capabilities with the desktop software.

No, it isn’t only for recording. It is simply a remote control mainly for the mixer and macros. You can use it in Cubase for mixing very well. But have in mind that you have to set up first your project. You can’t change plugins or access their values easily. Probably using an iPad as second screen is the better option for you.
I do both. For the second job I use “duet”.
But the nerdy kind of control freak will use Lemur or touchOSC with self configured surfaces.