Can i use Ivory 32 bit with Cubase 6 64 bit


I was wondering if i can use Ivory 32 bit with Cubase 6 64 bit
Cause i think that the older Ivory has better sound and has no pedal noice


Yes, you can. You will use the VST Bridge in this case.


What is VST bridge and how do i use it

VST Bridge is part of Cubase, which bridge the 32-bit plug-ins and 64-bit Cubase. You don’t have to do anything different. Just open the plug-in. Cubase will start VST Bridge automaticly.


Well, you do have to make sure the 32 bit plug-in path is set in 64 bit Cubase. I don’t recall that it’s done by default.
Alternatively, you could copy the 32 bit dll to the 64 bit plug-in directory, if you just want that one.
Then it should work.
Maybe it’s a bit different on mac, but that’s how it works on PC.

Am i right when i think that Ivory VST sounds better than Ivory VST 2
What is the different between them which one is better

You should be careful about hijacking your own topics :wink:

Never compared them myself.

It’s different on a Mac.

In my opinion, Ivory 2 sounds better because of sympathetic resonance, which, if you have Ivory 2, you should mess with a bit.