Can I use my old Komplete Kontrol s25 "mk1" as MCU Cubase controller?

I was searching for this for a few days now but had no luck.
Basically I am using my Maschine “mk1” as MCU Cubase controller and even though the display is pretty old and not so fancy, it works pretty well (shout out to the MCU custom template designer).
So I was thinking, ‘wait a minute, my good old Komplete Kontrol s25 mk1 has a slightly better display per knob and it also has 8 knobs… could it also be used as MCU daw controller on my Cubase…?’

I searched about it on NI forum sites, google, etc but had no clear answers.
I was surprised there is 0 custom template file for KK mk1 midi controller…? (Maybe I could not find it?)

Am I missing something here? Maybe Komplete Kontrol mk1 cannot do the job due to technicality issue?
Could anyone help me out? I am dying to know :slight_smile:

Oh, also, I have witnessed with my own eyes that Komplete Kontrol “mk2” can do a great MCU job such as changing the volumes on each channel, *the typical MCU mixing controls (I checked one of the videos out on youtube). *So not opening Komplete Kontrol VST, solely using it in ‘midi’ mode

I am just buzzed out cause Maschine mk1 can do so well with multiple templates… and Komplete Kontrol mk1 surely is a newer model isn’t it…? :thinking:
I am talking about MCU volume fader control for each channel, panning, sends, inserts, etc.

Maybe no…?