Can I use my Oxygen 49 for Transport Conctrol?

My physical desktop is very cluttered with little room for a computer kb. I’d like to use the transport control on my Oxygen 49. I’ve noticed that there doesn’t appear to be MIDI Learn on any of the on screen controls. I haven’t found anything on Google that suggested how I do this.

Is this possible at all? If so, what are the steps?


Generic Remote

OK. I found this section but it’s a bit confusing. I’ll read up and ask later if necessary.


The transport buttons are MMC (Midi Machine Controls), not generic MIDI controllers.
You set this up in Project Synchronization look for it under the Transport section.
You do not try to set this up in the Device Setup - Generic Remote section.
If you need directions, see my post in this thread on how to set it up:

I got it set up using this video: DAW 101 - Assigning Midi Controller in Cubase - YouTube

I looked at the MMC stuff but couldn’t make sense of it at this point. I’m only using Cubase for a very short few days and my brain is fried and my eyeball cooked.

Thanks for the help guys,

BTW, everytime I previewed this post it vanished. This is the third time I’m making this post. Wont preview it this time.

Rats! It didn’t save. I closed C7, reopened and all the presets were gone. Looks like I’ll need to investigate johngar’s method…if I can figure it out.

I tried the MMC as outlined in your post but couldn’t get it to do anything. It found my keyboard so I set it up the way you had yours. It also persisted which was good. I also tried different timecode settings but it made no diff.

OK, check out this thread, it has more details on how it is set up.

I followed all the threads. Setting it up was easy. Unfortunately, it did not work. None of the controls on the Oxygen did anything. In fact, the cycle/loop button caused a lockup. I was able to partially kill C7 but Task Manager showed it still in memory. At that point, if I restarted Cubase, it was essentially inoperable and required a system restart.

I’m thinking that the Oxygen just doesn’t like MMC or Generic Remote. At this point, the biggest struggle is learning the basics of Cubase. On top of that I just got a Maschine Micro which also requires a learning curve.

So, these transport controls are a “nice to have” but not a “must have”. I will put this on the back burner for now until I get more comfortable with C7. However, if a tip comes by my way, I certainly will give it a shot.

I do appreciate all the help received so far.

Thanks johngar it worked for me