Can I use the Integrated ASIO sound card of my pc to MIX?

Cubase ai 10.
I wonder if I can use the laptops integrated ASIO SOundcard to mix my tracks although having been recorded with 44.100 khz sample with the digital piano’s Yamaha USB SOund interface?

Or do I need to turn my piano on to use the SOund Interface, built into the Yamaha DGX 670? The asio sample rate of the pc is 48000 khz.

The pc does not have an asio interface. If it shows up in Cubase as generic asio then yes you can use it. Quality is not usually as good though even for mixing.

Yes, that was also my thought: Not being of the same quality. However I thought that when mixing I just had to handle an already recorded Wav file, so then I thought: How can the quality of that be altered when already created? I simply cut and edit it in Cubase and then save it/export it as an MP3.

Yes you can. It won’t impact the sound quality of the files you are editing or exporting.