can I use the same key

Hi everyone
I am using cubase 5 at the moment and want to upgrade to cubase 6, do I need a new security key or can I use the same one.


When you upgrade, you will obtain a key specific to Cubase 6. It will overwrite the old one on your eLicense dongle, so you won’t be able to open Cubase 5 anymore. C6 will run C5 files though, so you won’t have a problem.

According to Steinberg, with the C6 license you will be able to run every version of Cubase prior to C6. As far as it concerns the e-licenser, I don’t know about C6 but so far an upgrade box contained a card with a new activation code, which you enter into your current dongle. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

You will be able to run C5. You won’t be able to run C5 on one computer while simultaneously running C6 on another. My guess is you will be able to run C6, C6 Artist, C5, C5 Studio, C4, C4 Studio, SX3, SL3, SX2, SL2, SX1, SL1 and probably some others as well - IF you have access to the install media.

It used to be more restrictive (i.e. C5 could open C4 but not C5 studio or C4 studio), but that was changed.


My mistake then. Interesting that they have changed policies.