Can I use the VST MultiPanner for normal stereo panning only?

I am a composer and don’t work in surround. My projects are all stereo tracks and a stereo master bus.

I often narrow the stereo width of stereo signals (mostly orchestral sample libraries). I like the Stereo Combined Panner for this, but it’s not available as an insert effect and I really prefer panning early in my track inserts chain, not at the end of the track chain (which is where Cubase’s panner sits).

So I have been loading up the VST MultiPanner as an insert. It allows me to narrow the stereo signal and move it around the x-axis the way the Stereo Combined Panner does. Great.

My questions:

• I only want to use the VST MultiPanner to do regular stereo panning on stereo tracks and don’t want it to effect depth or apply any other spatial processing. So I activate Horizontal Movements Only and move the yellow (L) and red (R) balls around the x-axis. Am I now only applying normal horizontal panning and nothing else?

• Do I keep the Y-knob (Rear-Front Pan) at its default F50 or should I set it to < S > ?