Can I work as an online employee for Steinberg or Yamaha?

Good evening everyone from Steinberg ! My name is Daniel and I am 37 years old. At the moment I work as a music producer and sound engineer in my own home studio. Since I was just a teenager I only worked with the DAW’s from Steinberg with Cubase and Nuendo which I very much love. Now I have a baby on the way with my fiancee and the situation is very bad since the Corona virus pandemy which started two years ago. In this situation we don’t have to much customers. And that’s why I want to ask you if I can work online for the Steinberg or Yamaha companies . I can speak english, german and romanian and I can make video tutorials for your companies, videos about every Cubase or Nuendo edition because I know them by heart and I’m very good at it. If you want to see me I can upload a photo of me so you can see that I am very presentable or I can make a demo video about Cubase for your companies.
I want to do this because I love your softwares and DAW’s very much and I don’t ask for very much money , just a small monthly pay and that is all I ask.
My respects and I wish you all the best !

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@DanielStudio84 , thank you for your interest, but please use the link provided by Steve to send us a proper application to my colleagues in charge.

I will Mr Ed_Doll ! Thank you very much ! I wish you all the best !