Can I?...

A handful of miscellaneous, potentially noob questions about whether these things are possible in Cubase:

  1. Are instrument rack (not track) track archives, complete with routing to groups, possible? For the purpose of modular template building. I have LASS multis that dont really offer full functionality or convenience if using the disabled instrument track template method. I’d like to be able to insert “blocks” of preconfigured and routed multi racks into already existing templates as needed.

  2. Can we change the actual name of multis as seen by IO routing? For example, when you have 16 multis all called “number of instance” Kontakt - MIDI In on MIDI track assignments it gets very confusing fast. If we could actually label the multis themselves (dont mean save presets).

  3. Bezier Curves are not happening with MIDI CC data that is recorded in a MIDI part. But we do get them on track automation. I’m a bit confused as to the function and use of say, Modulation, on track automation on a MIDI track as opposed to recorded automation in the part. Whenever I record something from my controller it is always recording on the MIDI part. Modulation on the track does effect things if I draw something in but it is never recorded on there. This might be a preference setting I adjusted long ago?

  4. Speaking of Bezier curves - when I place to automation breakpoints on, for example, an audio track, at the same volume levels I would’ve though I’d have the option to then hover in the middle of those 2 points and I would be able to drag a curve up or down, like in a semi circular type appearance. I think I’m totally misunderstanding how Bezier Curves work and how they’re typically used (like make two disparate points, adjust the curve between them. I was hoping for the ability to quickly make curved pushes and drops between two points at the same value, without having to add more breakpoints in between.

  5. Somewhat related - why when snap is off do I get added automation breakpoints if, say I draw a volume curve? I guess theres a pref that governs the resolution but again I think I was hoping for the ability to draw a curve and have it already “molded” in the way a bezier curve is without additional automation points.

  6. Bout time for my yearly enquiry - is video export coming to Cubase 10? Jeez Steinberg…



  1. Unfortunately not.

  2. Do you mean the Audio Return Channels of Instrument Rack or Rack? Yes, you can change the track name.

  3. Set MIDI > CC Automation Setup > Record Destination to: Automation Track.

  4. This is not how does it work in Cubase. In Cubase you cannot reach higher or lower bake than the 2 dots values are.

  5. Open Automation Panel > Settings and set Reduction Level to 0%.

  6. No one knows here on the user forum. And if anyone knows, he/she is not allowed to say.

Thanks Martin. In regards to 2 it was the name of the kontakt instance as seen in the midi channel assignments and on the VST rack, not renaming the associated audio channel. It would be great to be able to change these names so when assigning kontakt instances to midi channels you have more to go by than the number of the instance.