Can IC Pro control Cubasis?

Only just started posting so excuse my question if it’s already been covered (I’ve searched high and low but can’t find answer for this:
Can Cubasis be controlled by IC Pro? I want to arrange midi files at home using Cubase Artist and export them to Cubasis (to avoid losing/damaging the dongle) for use at gigs. Because I want music to start before I go on stage (piano/vocal) I’m assuming I can use IC Pro on my iPhone to remotely start playback on laptop running Cubasis with help from an airport express router access point? Or am I mistaken and I’ve got no choice but to use Cubase instead? By the way I’m solo act so don’t have the luxury of FOH person.
Any advice appreciated.

Hi Dissonance,

Thanks for your message.
So far, Cubasis can not be remote-controlled via Cubase iC Pro or another application.