Can IC Pro Vertically Zoom project window

I cant seem to find a way to vertically zoom in on a larger version of the project window. I can pinch from left to right but not top to bottom. Isnt it possible to zoom vertically so you can more easily see the layout of a smaller number of tracks and not all tracks in the project, which makes the view too undetailed

same problem. Anyone can help us. thanks


The project overview in Cubase iC Pro corresponds to the overview line in your Steinberg DAW.
You can swipe left and right and zoom by pinching.


Horizontally… but not vertically?


I use 4 buttons assigned for this …it mimics the zoom in out buttons on a Mackie MCU Pro controller

two next to each other, one zooms horizontally in the other zooms out

two above/blow each other which zoom in / out vertically.


vert in
horiz in horiz out

vert out

just tap as many increments as you need.

Being able to assign buttons to any keyboard command is incredibly powerful. I couldn’t live without it!

On the IC app for iPad?