Can iLok software play with Steinberg Dongle using XP?

Looking at software that requires an iLok.

I’ve read on some other fora about problems with iLoks in general … I wonder if it’s worth even trying with a dongle in place.

On top of all that my DAW isn’t connected to the internet.

Any one using an iLok program along with running Cubase?

I used East West Quantum Leap’s Symphonic Choirs iLok alongside my eLicenser dongle and all was well. :slight_smile: They dont communicate with other dongles, only with the software theyre designed to protect. :slight_smile:

Only problem I have, is my iLok dongle is HUGE! And UGLY as all sin. Shaped like a “key” (yeah right! Maybe a Playschool key!) Since then, they updated them to very tiny. I should really purchase one…anyway. Hope this helps.

Cool, thanks SirJoseph.

Anyone else, maybe PC?

Yes…On my XP laptop and on my W7 desktop I have used ilok plugged into an unpowered hub alongside my Sb dongle. No compatibility problems.

Be forewarned if you do run iLok protected software and can’t wait 2 weeks for replacement licences if it goes down then you really need to pay for ZDT @ $30 a year (or risk having to pay around $170 to get temporary replacement licences without waiting)

Only problem I have, is my iLok dongle is HUGE! And UGLY as all sin. Shaped like a “key”

My huge key shaped iLok is still working more than 5 years on…my smaller Ilok2 failed after less than 18 months thus costing me the aforementioned $170 to be able to keep working. Have seen a few similar complaints so I wouldn’t be in any rush to update unless you specifically need iLok2.

Thanks for that, Grim.

BTW - what is ZDT?

Alexis, I assumed you knew it was XP, as its the title of the thread, sorry. :wink: :sunglasses: :slight_smile: Btw,…

Grim, thank you for the insight! I didnt really think about that, which is odd. I shall hold on to this dongle till it no longer works.

Works fine.

HOWEVER… I have -never- been able to get the iLok web portal to work with any browser besides IE. No Firefox. No Chrome… which I find somewhat disconcerting as I become more dependent on iLok plugs.