Can individual instruments in a Percussion Kit be routed to different MIDI channels?

I have a Nord Drum 3P, a drum synth with 6 pads, and I would like to create a 6-line staff where I can: A) send each pad to its own line on the staff, B) be able to record a drum pattern to where it separates each pad onto its own line, and C) have Dorico send back each individual line to a unique channel that corresponds to the pad for the 3P to play the sound.

I’ve figured out (A) above already and part of (B), but I can’t seem to figure out (C)–I can send the MIDI out to the 3P but all lines/instruments are triggering only one pad/channel.

If I switch the channel under Routing in Play mode, it will correctly trigger the corresponding pad on the 3P, but it will trigger the pad for any notes regardless of which line they are on. My desired end state is to have each line trigger an individual pad (each pad is on a separate channel 1-6).

Here’s my current setup:
Single Player w/ a Percussion Kit called “3P Kit”
(1 player, 1 kit, 6 instruments, 6-line staff)

Inside the Kit: 6 individual Percussion instruments (from the Sketch group), one on each line of the staff with MIDI notes that correspond to each of the Nord Drum 3P’s 6 pads

3P Kit:
Percussion - 60
Percussion - 62
Percussion - 64
Percussion - 65
Percussion - 67
Percussion - 69

My Nord Drum 3P is connected to my computer directly through a USB interface called “Uno”. Each of the six pads corresponds to an individual channel:

Pad 1 - Channel 1 - 60
Pad 2 - Channel 2 - 62
Pad 3 - Channel 3 - 64
Pad 4 - Channel 4 - 65
Pad 5 - Channel 5 - 67
Pad 6 - Channel 6 - 69

Each pad can be assigned to any Channel 1-16 (or turned off) and each pad can be assigned to respond to any MIDI note 0-127.

Under Play settings, I have the Uno added under VST Rack > Midi Instruments. In Track Inspector, I have it routing to the Uno to Channel 1, but then only a single pad sounds and it sounds regardless of whether that line has music.

Is there a way to route each of the six individual line/instrument in the “3P Percussion Kit” to its own individual MIDI channel? Or should I reconfigure how I have this set up?

As a workaround, I have set up another flow with six individual players, each with their own instrument. Doing that, I can easily send out each to its own channel which corresponds to the 3P. What I haven’t figured out is how I would be able to record MIDI input (e.g., playing a drum pattern) into the 6 players/instruments at once. I can record onto each individual line, using any pad on the 3P. For this setup to be viable, I would need to be able to have each pad correspond to one player/instrument and be able to record a performance across all six.

Any thoughts on how I can make this setup work are appreciated! I spent the bulk of my day yesterday just getting this far and haven’t been able to find the answers I need on the forums or YouTube. Thanks!

When I checked a kit in one of my test files, the kit maps to one fader, but within (in this case) the HALion Player each sound is assigned to a different MIDI channel.

To assign MIDI Note Numbers, I expect you would need to create a custom Percussion Map.

As far as a six-line staff is concerned, you may have to make do using spaces and lines of a five-line staff, although there are tricks for adding or subtracting lines of a staff if you get into the weeds.