can info line edit work like 5

One feature I use a lot is changing note lengths and starting points using the info line.

Under Cubase 5, you could select it with the left mouse button, and it would stay highlighted. Then you could enter the value you want, or even use the arrow keys to increment/decrement the value.

Under Cubase 6, i find that you cannot single click the mouse to select the item, it doesn’t stay selected. I found you have to double click, which makes it more inconvenient to edit

Worst of all, it will take the whole item, (measure,beat,subbeat, tick) instead of just a single item (say beat)
Then you have edit it like a text box on the entire string, where you move the cursor to the location inside the string, which is error prone. Incrementing with the arrow keys does not work.

I find this on the Start/Stop locater in the transport bar too.

I was looking for a preference or setting which could make it behave like Cubase 5 but could not find one. I always was looking in the manual, but it didn’t really say how it was supposed to work.

I find if this is the way it must be, I will probably stop using Cubase 6. I just hope I can load the files I have been using in Cubase 6 into Cubase 5.

This is my most pressing issue. I hope I am overlooking something in the manual or the preferences, but I have tried to find the solution.

Thanks for your help, digitman

All seems to work here.
Select Part (on Project page) or Note (in editor) and in the info line my mousewheel can alter all parameters.

With some things being done only once every two to three years, I’m not sure, but if you have installed a new OS with the new Cubase you may have to reset your Windows Folder Options and adjust the “Open with single click” option to get corresponding single click selection in Cubase. Can’t see anything in Preferences so far which would do the same just in Cubase.

I hope I’ve got the picture but all seems to work here and so, logically, it should work for you too.

Can you actually see the info line? I missed it at first but spotted that little black box to left of the toolbar (the one with three other boxes in it) which lets you see the info line.

Have you tried the various options in Preferences>Editing>Controls>“Value Box/Time Control Mode”?

Thank you, Fred Flintstone. For whatever reason, maybe it was the default, but it was set to increment/decrement by dragging the mouse, that might be a cool way to do it. But I am used to this, so I got it back.

I knew it was going to be a Preference somewhere.

Give my regards to Wilma.