Can it be done?

First of all, I want to thank the Steinberg team for the update. Definitely noticed improvements over the previous versions. I still have a bone to pick though.

Helge and Steinberg Team if you are reading this, can we please get MORE customization options for the mix console graphics? Can it be done?


  • The grid lines - On/Off -option would be nice, or to change the color (I feel I’m at the rodeo and starring at the back of the guy sitting in front of me)
  • The mono/stereo labeling - Please give us the option to turn it off. Please!
  • Custom color options for background of Visibility/Zones in the console as well the rack background.
  • Custom color options for the Rack EQ/Spectrum analyzer. (the pale green is a step backwards IMHO. I struggle to see whats going on)
  • Gradient - Make it optional please. I know that many requested it to go away, but I believe that some like it.

I believe that incorporating this options would resolve lot of the design issues and enable the user to adjust the the look according to personal taste and preferences.


You stand a better chance of these being incorporated into Cubase if you post this in the forum for feature requests instead of this general forum. Also a more descriptive title is more likely to get noticed.

You are correct Rodger! I was thinking of that myself after posting it.