Can Key Editor open with its pinned state inactive

When I open a new Key Editor (usually use a shortcut key), the Key Editor opens with its pinned state active? So, the instrument focused in the Editor doesn’t re-focus to the new part when I click a Part in the Project window. I have to manually uncheck the pin first each time.

Is there a way to make, or have, the newly opened Key Editor’s pin keep its last state when you previously closed the window so that it opens the way you left it.

I ask because I open and close the key editor a lot on a second monitor.



I’m afraid, you cannot do this.

What about not closing the editor, keeping it open and clicking (selecting) the next MIDI Part, instead of double-clicking? This works.

Thanks, Martin, for the confirmation. I do leave the window open most of time, and do what you suggest.

I find myself closing the key editor from time to time instead of just minimizing it. Once I’ve got my third monitor set up, this won’t really be an issue.

Just wondering if it were possible.