Can Layers (Sound Presets) can be not associate to a Part?

can i have Layer Presets (sound stacks presets) that are separate and not bound to a Part ?
for example as a keyboard player while a song is running and change parts , i want freely change sounds (layers)or stay with a sound while parts are changing in a song. so basically have sound ready layers to change any time without depending on changing parts while song is played
Edit: think would be useful to add feature to have a kind of Panel with ready layers user made, and have the option to have parts change layers or not

Not sure if I understand that. Layers can be saved and loaded, also in the Media Bay at the right you can drag and drop Layers. A Layer always needs a Part.

You can mute or solo Layers, you can apply Program Changes, or you can change Parts. You can not replace one Layer with another.

Again, check the right zone (activate bottom right of app), select “Layer”, then drag and drop.

let my trying explain again( not a native english speaker)
you commented that “a layer always needs a part”
so that’s is my suggestion or feature request i guess .
to have kind of system that allows a user to have pre prepared sound programs (layers in VST LIVE terminology) with option to not be necessarily associated to a part (add a user option if layers changed by part or not).
and maybe have a user build panel with adding buttons for those sound programs (layers) like a keyboard workstation that holds sound programs stored and recalled with front panel buttons on the keyboard.
so the idea is to have option while a song is played in Vst live and parts are changing , a user can use any sound from the “sound panel” even if parts have other sound layers on them.
because may on the fly you want to use sounds different from the sound of a part

But you can just prepare Parts for that, those can be selected by MIDI etc. Just “see” a Part as your preset Layer.
Btw the same goes for Parts as said for Layers, you can save and load using Media Bay (right zone).

yes i can prepare parts , but if a song is played and part 1 is played at the moment and i have a synth lead as a layer , i always have that sound on part one, i cant change a sound on the fly and being " spontaneous " and play organ or whatever.
im bound to the pre prepared layer on that part.
so having the option to “disable” part from play layers and have a separate like system that i can change sounds while a song is in play mode.

You can use Solo for a set of Layers in the Part though.

But I see now, I guess you want a “Replace” mode for a fixed Layer.
There are several caveats to this: a) loading a Layer (more: its plugin) potentially takes a lot of time, and only Layers in Parts are preloaded. b) it would require some extra user interface to define a Layer List to choose from. c) That list needs to be managed, because plugins may disaapear etc. And d)…I forgot :slight_smile:
But I see your point. Usually, sporadic sound changes are managed by the Instrument itself (for instance, via MIDI Program Change/Bank Select). If the Instrument provides such a control for changing sounds, you could also access that with a Quick Control.
Will think about it, it seems like a useful feature, but it requires more thought because we don’t want to clutter the user interface.