Can lines be attached to systems? (Dorico 3.1)

Or are they only possible to attach to staffs?

I’m arranging an orchestral score now, where there’s a soloist (indian) improvising. I’ve made some modules that I’d like both the conductor and all performers (in the parts) can have the same lines (horizontal brackets mostly) showing excactly what the individual modules are. But as for now these lines only apply to the top staff. Is there any way to make these lines “system attached”?

I know some other solutions to the problem (system text, repeat bar lines etc), but I’d love to find a line-solution for future cases.

You mean a single line in the score that appear in every Part/Layout? I don’t think so, but I await contradiction.

I don’t know from experience but have you tried alt clicking?

Watch this around 1:40:

Alt-click it is! Awesome.

Oh, that information passed me the last time I watched that video. Thank you so much andgle!

As far as I know one cannot yet use a line (arrow) to point from a text box to a note or rest in a staff. If someone has a solution, please let me know.