Can markers be bound to parts or clips, so they move together?

When I ripple-delete a part on the timeline, all subsequent parts on the track are shifted leftward, but the markers don’t move. This renders the markers meaningless. Is there any way to bind a marker to a part, so that the marker and the part move together?

Additional details:
My project has just one track, which contains an audio book. My task is to delete sections from it. The markers indicate where each chapter starts. So, if an audio part moves, any related markers need to move along with it, automatically. However, when I ripple-delete a part, the parts later on the timeline shift leftward, but unfortunately, the corresponding markers don’t. Consequently, the markers no longer correctly indicate where each chapter starts. (I’ve simplified the situation to make discussion easier.)

So again, my question is: How can I bind a marker to a part, so that if I move the part, the marker moves along with it, automatically?

I’m using Cubase 9 Pro on Windows 8.1.

Here is my ripple-delete procedure:
To select a range based on a part, I press 2 on the keyboard to select the Range Selection tool, and then I double-click the part.
To ripple delete the range, I press Ctrl-Shift X (That might be a custom keyboard shortcut – I’m not sure.)

To be clear, “parts” are defined in the manual as containers for MIDI or audio events. So I believe “parts” are the rectangles on the timeline that contain audio or MIDI. (The word “clip” seems to have the same meaning in the manual, but it’s not clear.)

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I cannot reproduce here.
No matter what timebase on marker tracks they move.

Only thing that makes them stay is if locked marker track.

What you use it Edit Range Cut - at least that is what my keyboard shortcuts were.

I’ve seen that not all track controls were set to show locked state - so look in inspector otherwise if not visible lock.

Thanks Larioso, but this does not solve my problem. I can click and drag individual markers, so apparently the marker track is not locked. Anyway, there is no lock icon for the marker track in the Inspector.

It’s interesting that you cannot reproduce the problem. So I’ve checked my File/Preferences, but I don’t see any relevant settings there.

Any other ideas?


Did you check on menu Edit Range Cut Time - and see if the shortcut you use is assigned to that function?
If there is a mixup in keyboard shortcuts from possible earlier version you have or similar - use menu to be sure.

I think you are using range selection tool - that is not what you are to use.
Just drag a range in upper part of ruler, then do you cut time or delete time, as needed.

When I do as you do - I don’t get a selection between locators in ruler bar.

You can configure all track panel controls and save as presets to use for various needs while you work. Bottom of track view can select settings and such a preset to liking. One of the things Steinberg did really well I think.

The answer to the question in your topic title is no.

Long story short, you have to include the marker track in the range selection to do what you’re wanting.

Cubase does not work like video editors, and doesn’t share terminology like “ripple editing”.

This works for this specific use-case, but it’s not entirely correct. While you can do a global Cut Time in this way, it is only global.

The closest method to Photon’s would be to double-click the marker track instead of the audio event/part, just to the right of the marker. Now, the selected range goes until the next marker and includes all tracks.

When using the Range tool, you can apply the command to the selection, which can include any tracks in the project.

Thanks Larioso and Steve. Based on your advice, I’ve found that the following procedure works:

  1. To select a range, I press 2 on the keyboard to select the Range Selection tool, and then I either:
    a) double-click a part, or
    b) double click the marker track, or
    c) click and drag in the timeline.
    If I need to extend the range to another track, I Ctrl-click or Shift-click at left to select the additional track.
    In any case, I am careful to include the marker track in my selection.

  2. To ripple-delete the range, I press Ctrl-Shift X (or Edit / Range / Cut Time or Delete Time)

What’s crucial here is to include the marker track in my selection. This causes the markers to stay in sync with whichever parts move leftward.

Thanks for your help with this.

There is an easier way,
Just use the normal select tool (number 1 ), select the event you want to move and hold “control” and click on the marker you want to move with the event. Bingo! They move together and the marker stays in position relative to the event you’re moving.