Can Matthias or someone from Steinberg tell us if Cubase will get Export to Video?

This is a very basic, essential tool for any composer, and every other composer-focused DAW has it, from the $60 Reaper all the way up to Pro Tools. I won’t pay the huge amount of money for Nuendo just to get this one basic-level feature and would like to know if Steinberg plans on making it available for Cubase. It was so great to finally get Edit Mode in Cubase after so many years of not having it! And exporting video is the bread-and-butter of anyone who composes to picture, and Cubase is marketed as a DAW that’s great for composers so I would expect this feature to be in there. “Replace Audio in Video” was fine (and it’s still not back in Cubase yet) but other DAWs have excelled far past that with the ability to export any section of video with the audio attached (as you can do in Nuendo…upcoming or currently?).

Please confirm. Thank you. Again, it’s a basic need for composers and is a major drawback of Cubase for them, especially those of us who are sending cues back-and-forth all day.

Amen and amen - hoping this happens SOON. Wish I didn’t have to use other software developers to cover this very ‘basic’ need for film composing. Something ‘native’ inside of Cubase would be a dream. At this point - any chance of seeing this in 10.5? 11?

Yep, agreed. As I said, it’s been in all other major DAWs for a while (and Studio One recently got it), so it shouldn’t need to be a “dream”, but a “Basic”. :slight_smile:

Yes, Studio One 4.5 just got it, but it’s OS limited (relies on the OS video engine) and on Windows, for example, it seems to only support MP4. The video engine in general of Studio One overall is adequate, but lacks features and codecs compared to the new custom engine in Cubase due in part to these kinds of OS limitations. But having said that, I think it was a good move on Presonus’ part to add a video export feature, which Cubase is indeed missing, and so I think it will put pressure on Steinberg… as of now, from what I can tell, it seems like it’s only slated for a future Nuendo 10 update, but I think/hope Steinberg will reconsider and add it to Cubase as well.

EDIT: FYI, Nuendo 10 has video rendering slated for Nuendo 10.2 – supposedly July 2019

Wasn’t it supposed to be in Cubase 10? So it really should have arrived already

It’s not a game changer for me - I prefer to add the music to video outside of Cubase anyway where I’ve got some more control.

If I’m adding music to video, there’s a good chance there’s going to be a voice over thats already been processed. I don’t want this going through my master buss which is set up for the music.

So I export the music, and mix the voice over and music together with the video.

I always use “replace Audio in Video”. Until C8.5 it could be found in the edit menu. But I just checked C9.5…and it seems to be gone!!! :frowning: (probably the same with C10)

The great thing about “replace Audio…” is that it’s very fast and you don’t have to re-process the pics (the film stays untouched). So it’s even possible to quickly put a new audio mixdown under a very long film.
Before exporting the audio it is necessary to precisely adjust the locators to the length of the film, You’ll just have to select the video in your project, then use the Key Command “Locators to Selection” and export the audio.

So, if you work with a lot with videos (like I do) I’d highly recommend an additional install of C8.5 - just for this very handy function!

According to under video banner, you’ll find that Nuendo 10 will get video rendering and Cubase Pro 10 not. Cubase has video import, player and sound extraction. So Cubase for now, will not get export to video.

You can still crossgrade from Cubase Pro 10 to Nuendo 10 on the cheap.

It would be great if Cubase could do this as well. I agree Export To Video should have been implemented a long time ago, but understandably because of conflicting video codecs and other 3rd party stuff, it’s hard to implement.

If the next few Cubase updates could simply allow for mp4 export (as limited as that is), that would help greatly for me, and I suspect for alot of us.

That’s good that it’s not an issue for you – it is wanted by many other people and is in Nuendo, so I hope they do like all the DAWs do and offer it for those of us who want and will use it heavily, It would speed up my workflow by a really large amount. As far as what you’re saying I have easy workarounds for that with Groups, so it’s not an issue here.

Might need to do this. I don’t need almost any of the other Nuendo features at all, but if it runs as smoothly and stably as Cubase 10 does then I’m good.

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Video export including rendering will be a part of Cubase in the future. It will be introduced with Nuendo 10.2 first though.

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Great news, thank you Matthias.

Thanks for the update. I too am frustrated with this and not very skilled with other programs. It would make life a lot easier if I can do the simple stuff I need to in a single program.

IS 10.0.3 going to be out this month or next?

They are talking about “video export” being a part of 10.5. See more here: Export to video - #65 by cbdmusic - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

There is some logic in waiting for Cubase 10.5.

Now that Nuendo has come into step with Cubase, it remains to be seen how Steinberg handle the release cycles of the two products going forwards. Eventually Nuendo might release at the same time as, or a relatively short time after, the corresponding version of Cubase; nobody knows yet other than Steinberg, and Steinberg are understandably not talking about plans that far into the future. What happens may well depend on how much Steinberg care about Nuendo being seen as a Cubase superset (with one omission that doesn’t matter for most people - Nuendo does not have VST Transit) rather than a product with its own distinct brand and identity.

Cubase 10 has been out for six months, Nuendo 10 for just a matter of weeks. As the additional functionality of Nuendo over Cubase Pro is almost entirely for video and game workflows, video rendering is quite clearly a core feature for Nuendo and it makes sense for the feature to land in Nuendo first. Even after the price cut for Nuendo 10, Nuendo is still almost twice the price of Cubase Pro once the current Cubase sale ends. Video rendering has always been promised as part of Nuendo 10, albeit not at release, whereas it has never been promised for Cubase 10. (I think I’m right in saying that the only feature announced for Cubase 10 that has yet to release is ARA2 support).

I will be surprised if there is a paid upgrade to Nuendo 10.5 as little as 6-8 months from the release of Nuendo 10, unless the upgrade cost is minimal.

At least now people have a clear understanding of what is happening.

If early access to video rendering is important to you, wait until Nuendo 10.2 is released, then crossgrade to Nuendo 10. However, Steinberg is not forcing those wanting video rendering to crossgrade to Nuendo so long as they are happy to wait for Cubase 10.5.

Cubase 10.5 is likely to release with mature video rendering, as the code should have matured in Nuendo. Those already on Cubase 10 will have to pay for a “.5” upgrade, but Steinberg’s upgrade cost for such an upgrade is usually fairly modest even if you upgrade early rather than wait for a sale. Those who are not already on Cubase Pro 10 can buy a version upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 in the current sale and leave the activation code unused until the grace period for Cubase 10.5 starts which should, if Steinberg stick to their historic policies, result in a free upgrade to 10.5 on its release.

You guys are looking at Christmas for 10.5, keep that in mind

I think a few weeks before Christmas is a likely release date for Cubase 10.5, but maybe Steinberg will surprise us. What has happened in the past is not necessarily a good guide to the future.

Steinberg are a bit ‘between a rock and a hard place’ when it comes to adding video rendering to Cubase. The old QuickTime based ‘replace audio’ functionality disappeared several versions of Cubase ago, so I think most would agree there is no implied promise to restore the functionality as soon as possible. Nuendo 10 was announced with ‘coming soon’ video rendering, Cubase 10 was not. If Steinberg give away additional features mid way through the product cycle free of charge, especially an oft-requested feature like video rendering, then it reduces the incentive for people to pay to upgrade.

This is a heated topic over which everyone has an opinion. Following requests there is now clarity and people have the choice between crossgrading to Nuendo when video rendering is available in Nuendo in perhaps 1-2 months’ time or waiting for Cubase 10.5, likely in around 6 months’ time.

Awesome, thanks Matthias.