Can MEAP export individual MIDI tracks as stems?

Let’s say I have a MIDI drum part -> VSTi routed to a stereo out. I ideally want to be able to explode this so I get Kick/snare/etc. in seperate outs, except to do that in Cubase requires multiple outs and I’ve already used my successive outs.

Instead I’d like to explode MIDI to different parts and then have Cubase export each MIDI track solo’ed so it achieves the same purpose - kick in one file, snare in one file, etc.

Can MEAP do this?

So you have a midi track…

You can dissolve the part into separate tracks with each track holding a single pitch.

Not familiar with workings of MEAP, can it take a midi file and export it as a wav?

If yes then just export after dissolve.

Otherwise you would need to render each midi track to wav before export.