Can MIDI Mods be made externally, like plugins?


I don’t understand the question?

If you mean, how can one add something like custom MIDI modifiers, then I think this is done with the VST Module Architecture SDK. I think this is also how Step Designer is implemented.

Isn’t that SDK more for VST MIDI plugins in general (i.e. as appearing in Cubase)? Maybe these can be utilized in HALion as well?

In HALion there is a “MIDI Mod” tab, with some cool modules, e.g. “Beat Box” mod.

I would be interested in developing modules for HALion, because it is such an awesome instrument.

Ah, sorry – yes, I think the MA SDK targets only Cubendo.

Perhaps Steinberg will add this in a future release? It would be a cool feature. I note that there was an extensive expansion of the MIDI scripting capabilities in Kontakt 5.

Beat Box is a macro. Do you mean MIDI Modules like Flexphraser or Drum Player? Or do you mean Macros like Beat Box or Trium?

The “Drum Player” MIDI Mod, used by the “B-Box” presets.
(I didn’t have H5 handy, and couldn’t remember the title of the actual MIDI Mod! :slight_smile: )

I think the answer is no for both. I think you have to license with Steinberg to create libraries that have Macro pages. And as far as I know there is no Halion SDK where you could make a plugin for it. I know we’ve requested stuff like that.

The Steinberg/Yamaha policy is unknown at the moment. I can’t understand why it can’t be allowed to create content for HSSE/HS2. Maybe the Japanese can talk sense to the Germans?