Can Mix Console Faders Respond To CC7?

When I move a slider on my synthesizer, it sends CC7 midi control messages to Cubase 10 Pro. Is there a way to have the corresponding fader in the Mix Console window respond to those control messages, so that the fader moves when I move the physical slider on the synthesizer?

yes, there is. You can use quick controls to achieve that or generic remote.

Cheers Ernst

I think I actually knew that a year or two ago but … I forgot. Thanks for the really helpful reminder.

There’s so much to learn and (try to) remember.

Hi you, you are welcome :slight_smile:.

Yes, indeed… there is much to learn and sometimes it happens that we forget things that we had already found out.
Don’t worry - this is why something like a forum existis :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ernst