Can MixConsole and Track Colors be customized like this? Similar question in Project Window

Hi -

Per attached image: Is it possible to have the little thin strip of color in the MixConsole below the channel name be a different color than the actual channel color?

Also - in the Project Window (no image, but I can get one here if helpful) is it possible to have the background color on the left-most column (where the track type icon is shown) be different from the color just to the right of it, where the Track name lives? I’d like to have the latter color match the event color, while leaving the default track color alone.

I’ve played with different combos of the two color tools at the top of the Project Window for a long time trying to get this done …

Thanks for any help!

No each Track has one and only one color both in the MixConsole & Project Windows. The only thing you can control (in Preferences) is the intensity of the color on the main body of the Fader.

OK, thanks much @raino .

It would be very cool the other way …

But I guess it would be very hard to implement if the part that was playing had a different color than the one just before or after it. I should have thought of that before spending so much time trying to find something in Preferences and Project Color sections :upside_down_face:

The related question I am also wondering about is whether the two colors in the attached image have to be identical also? I could almost swear that earlier today I saw that they were (earlier version of Cubase?), but after mucking around a bit I can’t find it or reproduce it.


Yes, it basically behaves the same as the MixConsole

Well, thanks again, @raino !

I was just looking for ways to make tracks stand apart from each other, so as to minimize dumb errors. I guess it’s all up to me now!