Can Mixconsole channels be moved independently of arrange?

I have a very elaborate setup of instrument and midi channels as well as VST outputs and control tracks such as time signature/tempo and markers which I don’t want to change but in the mixer I’d like to be able to order things in a different way.

Is this possible with the MixConsole?

No, unfortunately. You can’t even move channels at all directly from the mixer window. Hopefully the function will be added soon. Please SB?

No, it is not possible with Mix Console.

The only ability within the Mix Console is to lock tracks either left side or right side.

yes please!

Yes I second that. Moving Mix channels around is a BIG advantage in ProTools. So please Steinberg. And I would like to have the option to have the whole mixer channel colored to the track color. NOT the fader button in separate colors.

Aloha guys
and +1

But looks to me like the ARE working on it.

Reason being, if I grab one of the rails in the mixer
just right, and try and scroll horizontally
I sometimes momentarily get that ‘yellow’ colour
you get when changing the order of plugs in the
‘insert’ window.

Maybe by C7.1???

The yellow channel appears to be a way to copy channel settings quickly. Grab a channel until it turns yellow, and drag that to another channel. Now the second one has the same EQ, send, etc parameters. I learned this the hard way. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my MixConsole, the channels are in a different order than the Arrange window. In Arrange my ReWire channels are on the bottom, but in MixConsole they’re on the top. So +1 on moving channels.

I second this!

And I third, forth & fifth this…for moving & coloring, please!

Just a small point of precision- you can create three sections in the MC using the Zones buttons, left, middle, hard right.

from previous moderators posts they said about those channel color and channel moving in MC , “didn’t make it on time” when releasing C7 , probably they are working on it, and didn’t make it on time again due lot of fixing bugs with C7.00 or they plan it for next updates, 7.5 maybe ? who knows :exclamation: