Can monitor but won't record

I have a strange phenomenon happening …
I can’t seem to record audio in a new project.
If I open an old project , no problem. All works fine .
I have been bouncing back and forth between the two projects to see
if there is anything different between the two but I can’t find anything
noticeably different.
Signal flow is this … Line in to pre/Rosetta 200/Echo Layla 24/cubase 5/

In both projects, I have only 1 input and output set up . Input is mono
from spdif and I do have signal on my track list meter . Output is spdif stereo
out to Apogee , then to monitors. Again, this is the same setup in both projects
. Only one project records the audio .
The ONLY thing I notice different between the two projects is this(may be
a clue- maybe not)…at the bottom of track list (next to inspector), near
the bottom of screen , there is a thin black line , running horizontally. It
spells out sampling rate , format , record file type, etc. THIS IS PRESENT
RECORD. Again, may be a clue - maybe not .
If anyone has an idea or two , I’d be greatly appreciative .

Also, when I do attempt to record and then press stop, it does show me a highlighted box… but there are no waveforms in it . Strange

You may want to check in your “devices” to see if you have the right soundcard driver selected. You may have one selected that is incapable of recording but will permit playback.

Both are using ASIO Echo PCI .
Thank you though

You mentioned you had level activity on the channel you’re trying to record on. Is that during actual record mode or before?

I have level and sound before AND during recording .
After, I just have a blue box w no waveforms.
If I switch to a project w existing tracks , all works perfectly . I just can’t for the life
of me figure out what is different between the two projects .

What project template are you using for new ones or are your starting them completely from scratch?

I normally start from scratch .
I did just try the Acoustic Guitar + Vocal template in the “project assistant”
to no avail

Maybe it’s time to trash your prefs.

I’ ve reset Preferences to “defaults”
Same thing … I can record audio in EVERY preexisting project , just
nothing in a new project( from scratch or a template) .

I’ve also updated to Cubase 5.5.3 . Nothing changed

Resetting your prefs to default isn’t the same as trashing them. If there’s something corrupted in them, you need to completely get rid of them and have a new set created.