Can Montage place each song on a separate track?

I am learning the workflow of Wavelab 8 and I really am enjoying it. This is my current work flow in Montage. Basic Audio CD, and add all the tracks in the order you want. When you hit the convert to Audio Montage, it places all the songs on one track along with the markers. Is there a way for Montage to place each song on a separate track in Montage and still have them laid out one after the other? The reason I ask is if you find track 2 (out of 10 songs) for instance not as bright sounding as the rest of the songs and you want to add EQ just to that song, I don’t believe you can do this if all the songs are on the same track. You would need to create a new track in Montage, and pull the song to track 2. Then apply it’s own effects for that song. To stop that extra step, is there a way you can have montage automatically put each song on a different tracks so you could apply specific EQ or compressors to that track if it does not match the rest of the songs being mastered?

Thank you

There’s no need for what you ask. In the montage, effects can be applied seperately to clips, tracks and the stereo output - and then still the global master section. There’s a lot more info in this topic.

I did not know that, but now I know. Very nice! Moving from Samplitude to Wavelab 8 is becoming a easier transition.