Can MultiPanorama (SuperVision), be flipped to vertical view?

Can MultiPanorama in SuperVision, be flipped to vertical view ?

Just makes more sense to me this way, and would replace Flux Studio Analyser.

something like this (it’s just from one of the Cubase 11 presets for SuperVision? In addition, SuperVision is highly customizable

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omg yes ! YES. YES. YES. yes.
This is exactly what i meant and what i need.

Ok Steinberg, You now have the best software analyser currently in existance.
Congratulations on making this ! This is a much welcomed bonus !

@Nico5 and thank you Nico for taking the time and effort to post that for me. That is very considerate and helpful. Most appreciated. Even simple things like this is part of what makes the internet a great asset :wink: Thank you !

Cheers all !! off to analyse my stereo field ! lol

Edit : Also great to hear that SuperVision is highly customizable. I use to waste so much time shuffling about with my analysers. Its so good to receive something i really need that ticks all the boxes ! Great piece of software Steinberg ! Well done :smiley:


yay! I’m a big fan of the new SuperVision as well - I’ve used other very good analyzers in the past, but SuperVision has become my instant favorite.