Can new instruments be hidden by default

I was wondering if new instruments could be hidden by default. I’m doing a score with lots of flows and sometimes I need to add new instruments along the way. When I do this the new instrument appears in all the previous flows automatically but I don’t want that so I have to go and hide them. Is there a default for this?

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You don’t hide Players**, you exclude them from the Flow, or the Layout. (Subtle difference, but it describes more accurately how Dorico works.)

There isn’t a way to make this happen automatically. However, you can:

  1. Add a new Player, but don’t select an instrument. (Click outside the selection dialog or press Escape.)
  2. The Player won’t show up as a staff, but you can now de-select the Empty player from the Flows or Layouts you don’t want it in.
  3. Go back to the Player, and add an Instrument. (Shift I)

You can keep one or more spare Empty Players and Duplicate them when necessary.

If you want to exclude your player from lots of Flows in one go, select all the relevant Flows first, and then uncheck the Player.

Interestingly, if your project started as an XML file, then new players won’t be added to new Flows.

** Well, OK, there’s Manual Visibility too.

Thanks for your message, yes, exclude is a better word!
Good idea re. and empty hidden players ready to go … I think that is the best solution it seems.
Yes, I’m importing midi for each new flow so it’s great having those new players as midi import and then copying into the lineup. I find it works so much better than sibelius!! of course … :wink: