Can new project start with inputs already loaded?

I’m a long time Cubase user, but this is something small that has always bugged me. Whne I start a new project, I have to remember to go in to my Audio connections to set my inputs by selecting a preset. Otherwise they are blank. Can’t there be some way to just have your default inputs be what are loaded every time (without having to use a template, etc). Thanks.

This is how it works for me. My audio interface is connected before I launch Cubase => all connections are always there.


Cubase uses the project’s Audio Connections Inputs/Outputs, if you open a project. If you create a new project, Cubase is using the settings of the last opened project. If your last opened project has Inputs disconnected, this is what happens when creating another (new) project.

This is not the case for me. I have an apollo 16 with outboard. It’s always on. The only time I get the inputs already connected is if I open an old project. If I create an empty project, the inputs are empty and I have to select the preset dropdown. My control room outputs are connected correctly though.

So I see what the issue is. I just tested it by creating an empty project in a throw-away folder called ‘delete’ where I have other Cubase projects that I don’t care about. If I create it there then I have all the inputs connected, however, whenever I do any real work, I open cubase and create a new empty folder so that the the new project will be in it’s own folder (IMO this is best practice). If I do that, then my inputs are empty. So Cubase doesn’t seem to look at your last opened project, but rather tries to look in the current folder to see if there is another cubase project there. I think that’s a bad idea.

If you create a new project by loading a template, make sure that the template you use for your new projects has the audio inputs assigned to your needs. Then it should work.

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No I’m not using templates. I click “create empty project” on the bottom right. Though now that I see the issue is because I’m using new empty folders then I probably will just start with a template.

Ok, I tested it and see what you mean.
So, the workaround is to create an empty project, set up the Inputs, save it as a template. Then use the template in the future.

But, yes, there seems to be an oversight. Cubase resets the Input connections when starting it.

Yep. All these years and I never took the time to figure out why it didn’t work. Empty template is an easy fix. Cheers.