Can new Zone Editor be opened on 2nd display?

Looking at the new Zone editor, it’s features seem really usefull swapping assigned audio, Midi, Controller, Mizer, new sampler etc tracks. This would really come into it’s own on a limited DAW eg Laptop etc. But I would prefer to keep the whole of one of my two display screen’s for the arrangement, Media bay, Inspector and optional transport etc.

If it cannot already , I would like to have the new Zone window assigned (or floated) away from the bottom, to my 2nd display screen. For me that would give much more space to the arrangement on my first display screen and offer seemless focused assignement of event editors, mixers etc on my 2nd display screen. I can see this would be very useful in my workflow.

I have looked for this feature but cannot see it anywhere, seems logical to me with the new functionality of the Zone window.

To put another way…just a thought…
I have two displays, I would like the option to see the way editing windows open up on the bottom zone, instead opening up in full on the 2nd display as I click about the project window. For my workflow this would be really cool!

MIDI/Open…Editor will open the editor in its own Window.

In Preferences/Editing you can set double clicking to open an Editor in a separate Window or the Lower Zone

In the Lower Zone clicking the arrow near the upper right will open the Editor in a separate Window.

Thanks Raino
Yes I set prefferences to double click to open in second display and that is fine but it opens MIDI in same window okay but Audio opens in a seperate window etc . What I meant was for it to work the same way as the editing in the Lower Zone. That is by clicking an event in the Project Window it will use the same window maximised in the second display for MIDI, Audio, Sample editor and when no event is assigned - the Mixer. I know there are workarounds and I would like to keep all options but add the option to breakout the Lower Zone into the second display.
I guess what I am doing is making a suggestion to the developers!
Thanks again, sorry if I have’nt explained myself clearly!

So your real wish is to have the seperate windows behave in the same way as the Lower Zone?

Yes thats it! Basically the 2nd display would behave like the lower zone does, allowing for the full project window on the first display. Makes better sense I think for those that have two or more displays

I can imagine how folks might find this useful. But personally, as someone using 4 monitors, I’d prefer just opening different windows, each dedicated to a specific task/view. Typically when I want to have multiple views it is because I want to be able to see them all at the same time to compare or tweak things. A window that switches between different views like the Lower Zone really wouldn’t facilitate this. But that’s just how I like to work, others likely will love the idea.

It should remain an option, but keep in mind that 4 monitors is far from a common setup for Cubase users.