Can no longer change keys in the pitch-shift process while previewing?!?

I have been on Cubase 8 for a long time, and after updating to 11 I was initially extremely pleased until I found the new process window. It doesn’t appear that I can switch keys within the pitch-shift process while previewing. This is a huge step backward for me with my workflow. I’m using pitch-shift hundreds of times within a project (I’m working on sound effects for a video game), and being able to hear what audio will sound like at different transpositions in real time (without time-stretching like when you do it via the event) is literally the ballgame for me. Having to hit ‘preview’ after every single key change is adding an order of magnitude to the time it takes to process.

For now I’m going to be forced to use cubase 8 until I can figure out a way around this, or until it’s fixed. This isn’t a bug, but I don’t know what to call it. I mean, in previous versions, changing keys in the pitch-shift window DID NOT STOP the preview. Now, it does.


You can use Sampler Track instead, which is even more flexible.

While I do find the sampler track useful for other reasons, in this use case that is unfortunately not a viable solution, creating new tracks for every single instance of these sounds would just be adding quite a bit more time and clutter.

The issue is that ‘preview’ now stops when adjusting, additionally the preview button is a lot more finnicky than it used to be. I.e., it doesn’t play half the time you push it. I also really hate having to close the process window after every single time I process. That’s so much added time in the long-run.

Unfortunately this will likely fall on deaf ears, this is just such a nuclear bomb to my workflow, I use Cubase almost primarily due to its intuitive and easy direct audio-editing, and this new processing UX threw a whole wrench into that workflow for me. I’m sure I’m a niche case, but this is enough for me to stay on an old version indefinitely for this type of work.